Save the sharks. Giving back

Save the sharks. Giving back - The Karma Factory

Sharks may appear to be the evil villains of the sea, but they really aren't as dangerous as we think. In reality, sharks are more threatened by us than we are by them. Despite being a top predator in our oceans, it's estimated that humans kill over 100 million sharks every year, making them one of the most endangered species on earth. It's time to recognize their importance and start taking steps to protect them!

Why do we kill so many sharks? For their fins. The practice of finning—the act of slicing off a shark's fins and discarding the rest—has been responsible for a dramatic decline in shark populations worldwide. It’s not just decimating shark populations but cruel. Fishermen simply hack off the fins and throw the shark overboard to slowely drown, sometimes days. It needs to end if we want to protect our oceans and their inhabitants.

Removing sharks from the food chain could have catastrophic consequences to us. Without this apex predator who by the way has been around 420 million years, the delicate balance of marine ecosystems would be thrown out of whack. 

Sharks are no longer the bloodthirsty monsters they once were. It turns out, they’re actually quite intelligent and have been known to demonstrate signs of altruism and cooperation. So while they may not be cuddly, it’s not all about attacking humans or eating everything in sight. Who knew these predators had a softer side? Therefore, it is important that we show our respect for these creatures by understanding their needs and conserving their habitats. Let's start by learning more about sharks and the important role they play in our world!

We at The Karma Factory give back to this and other amazing causes.  By working with people on the front line of these casues we help raise awarness and funds to keep the things we love alive for future generations.